Magic Bean SoupMagic Bean Soup

Detail tab: Effect +100% output
Target Epic Workyard
Duration 8 hours (12 hours on friend/guild member)
Buff Effect: 200%
Duration: 8 h — User
12 h — Friends
Objective: Home Island: Buildings
Delete Item: No
Trade: Yes
Type: Productivity Buffs

Reward — The percentage of loss

Snow White 10 100 %

Reward — Explorer

Artifact search Artifact search 1 2.9 % 40 +


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Magic Bean Soup
Epic Items
48+ Magic Bean x 19 Magic Beans may have amazing properties, but they are still «beans»! When boiled, they turn into a liquid whose energizing properties extend beyond living beings and into inanimate objects. Using it on a huge building full of machinery, like the Epic Workyard, seems the smart thing to do.