"Improved" Christmas Surprise«Improved» Christmas Surprise

Detail tab: This intricate box contains random improved buildings. Open it to receive one of the following
1x Improved Floating Residence
1x Improved Deerstalker
1x Improved Watermill
1x Improved Silo
1x Improved Butcher
1x Improved Bakery
2x Improved Mill
2x Improved Farm
2x Improved Storehouse
Objective: Home Island: Buildings
Delete Item: No
Trade: No
Type: Instant Upgrade

Open the chest. Reward.


Available Level Cost Detail tab
"Improved" Christmas Surprise
Christmas Event 2017
22+ Gems x 1399 Adults need their toys too! This mechanical box includes one or two state-of-the art improved buildings. Who says science has no place in the festivities?