Detail tabDetail tab: The Geologist can be instructed to search for new resource deposits.
Move General is traveling: x 1
Cost Cost: Coins x 100 Coins x 300 Coins x 600
Skills + Initiative Skills + Initiative: Is specialist — Is specialist


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Diligent Geologist
Anniversary Event 2018
1+ Gems x 1599 Carefully looking in every nook and cranny, the Diligent Geologist can find even the best-hidden treasures. Her passion began as a child when she accompanied her father on treasure hunts at the beach. She sure takes her time though, and enjoys the search more than her findings. She still remembers her father saying «If you’re lucky once, you’re always lucky twice».
Jolly Geologist
Black Market
Gems x 300 Ah… those were the good old days. When finding new resources was an adventure. Traveling into the mountains, tapping the stone and placing wooden signposts.
Versed Geologist
Christmas Event 2017
Presents x 945 This geologist is the generalist under all other geologists.
Iron-Willed Geologist
Easter Event 2018
4+ Gems x 1195 This fellow showed up here, determined to become the best geologist ever. He’s practiced his entire life, and has developed a knack for finding bountiful iron deposits.
Gold-hearted Geologist
Easter Event 2018
15+ Stripy Easter Egg x 1495 A geologist with a heart of gold. It seems as if the gods want to reward her kindness and hard-working nature.
Chummy Geologist
Halloween Event 2017
1+ Pumpkins x 1249 There is nothing in life the Chummy Geologist wants more than to be your friend. To befriend you, he’ll either find deposits really quickly, or return with sweet chocolate from his longer searches once every couple of searches.
Archeological Geologist
Soccer 2018
5+ Soccer Balls x 1495 A geologist with a penchant for soccer and archeology. As he enjoys more than just looking for resources, he also has a chance of finding great treasures on certain searches deep underground. He’s also twice as fast as standard geologists.
Stone Cold Geologist
Soccer 2018
Soccer Balls x 1295 I’ll be honest with you — this man scares me a bit. His single-mindedness towards geology makes him appear almost mechanical.
But you can’t argue with results.
Charming Geologist
Valentine’s Event 2019
4+ Valentine Flowers x 1149 His handsome looks help him gather information about easy to mine deposits.