Detail tabDetail tab: The Geologist can be instructed to search for new resource deposits.
Move General is traveling: x 1
Cost Cost: Coins x 100 Coins x 300 Coins x 600
Skills + Initiative Skills + Initiative: Is specialist – Is specialist


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Black Market + Gems x 300 Ah… those were the good old days. When finding new resources was an adventure. Traveling into the mountains, tapping the stone and placing wooden signposts.
Easter Event 2018 4 + Stripy Easter Egg x 1195 NT This fellow showed up here, determined to become the best geologist ever. He has practiced all his life, and has developed a knack for finding exceptionally accessible iron deposits.
Halloween Event 2017 5 + Pumpkins x 375 Young geologists are always looking for that big find, and sometimes miss the forest for the trees. Diligent experts know that checking twice often yields twice the gains.