Available Level Cost Detail tab
Starter Pack
Pinewood Planks x 400
Stones x 400
Tools x 100
Settlers x 20
1+ Gems x 200 This special offer can only be bought once!
It includes workers and a nice stock of building materials. This is all you need to get a head start in developing your city.
Old Wooden Floor
Pinewood Planks x 500
1+ Gems x 325 After the refurbishment of all your residences, the good old wooden floor was replaced by a stone floor. So now there’s a huge amount of planks in good merchantable quality and condition looking for a new owner. Can you find them a new home?
Landslide Leftovers
Stones x 500
1+ Gems x 375 Not long ago, a horrible earthquake brought fear and trepidation to all your inhabitants. Maybe you could still look for the silver lining in this act of God.
Tools x 500
2+ Gems x 275 In every cellar there is a dusty toolbox. Oh what treasures! A bunch of tools waiting to be put to good use.
Brew Barrel
Brew x 500
13+ Gems x 195 What better way to motivate eager young men to join your glorious army? A shiny barrel of the most delicious brew in the whole kingdom.
Coal x 500
9+ Gems x 300 While working in one of your woods, a woodcutter has fallen into a hole and found a lot of coal in there. Now he’s selling the coal for a small finder’s reward and enough to offset his pain and suffering.
Marble x 500
14+ Gems x 625 A shady guy is selling a huge amount of marble in a side street of the market. Do not ask him where he got it from. There is talk that the nearby mason and his crew are missing some marble.
Fresh Hardwood
Hardwood x 500
14+ Gems x 325 On an island next to yours a new settlement is going to be built. The settlers have to deforest the area and you can buy the resulting wood now.
Hardwood Planks
Hardwood Planks x 500
14+ Gems x 500 A settler has overestimated the building materials needed for his residence and has a lot of hardwood planks left over. He’d like to sell them as quickly as possible.
Exotic Wood
Exotic Wood x 500
19+ Gems x 495 This rare and exotic wood puts the cat among the pigeons at the weekly farmer’s market. All visitors want to sneak a peak at this strange looking building material. Fortunately, you are the only one amongst the masses who has the necessary wealth for this rare resource…
Exotic Wood Planks
Exotic Wood Planks x 500
19+ Gems x 795 A merchant from a far away country wants to sell you exotic wood planks. They are very rare and will allow you to construct high-quality buildings.
Granite x 500
19+ Gems x 995 The stone of the upper class has made its way onto your market stalls. Hard, precious and very rare. But this blank-faced companion seems not to know about the real worth of this resource.
Displaced Settler
Settlers x 100
1+ Gems x 945 A group of bandits has raided a neighboring village. Now the inhabitants want to come to your settlement, but you will need money to feed them.
Deck of Titanium
Titanium Ore x 500
33+ Gems x 490 This deck of titanium shines bright as the sun and would look very good in your storehouse.
Mahogany Wood
Mahogany Wood x 500
52+ Gems x 795 This unique wood is very robust. Perfectly suitable for building solid constructions that need to stand the test of time.
Mahogany Planks
Mahogany Planks x 500
52+ Gems x 1295 Ready-for-construction planks made of high-quality mahogany. Their durability and beauty make them perfect for any ambitious project.
Platinum Ore
Platinum Ore x 500
54+ Gems x 795 Platinum is a very rare metal. It can only be obtained in an exotic area.
Grout x 200
1+ Gems x 600 Grout is our masons’ latest invention. It helps make our buildings’ structure more solid, and allows us to upgrade them to higher levels.
Barrel of Oil
Oil x 100
1+ Gems x 1000 Oil for all your needs. Allows your productions to reach their highest efficiency.