Specialists Specialists:

Achievements Reward Detail tab
The Mustache ClubThe Mustache Club 70 Own all explorers from the tavern
The Hat PeopleThe Hat People 50 Own all geologists from the tavern
The Funky BunchThe Funky Bunch 100 Coins x 350 Buy all specialists from the tavern and have them in your star menu
Their Weight in GoldTheir Weight in Gold 70 Explorers brought back 1000 gold
The Granite LiaisonThe Granite Liaison 80 Explorers brought back 1000 granite
Wood ExtravaganzaWood Extravaganza 80 Explorers brought back 1000 exotic wood
Adventure Time!Adventure Time! 100 Explorers brought back 20 adventures
Soot AddictionSoot Addiction 60 Geologists found 100 coal deposits
Oooh! Shiny!Oooh! Shiny! 80 Geologists found 50 gold deposits
Marble MadnessMarble Madness 70 Geologists found 200 marble deposits

Achievements x 760 + Coins x 350