Epic Items

Available Level Cost Detail tab
5 Building Licenses 43 + Magic Beanstalk x 1300 The high court of the royal palace is highly interested in magic beanstalks. They will even offer you these 5 additional building licenses for your city.
Sandman 1 + Magic Bean x 500 Each day a small man offers some strange powder on the marketplace. He swears it has the power to put the sun to sleep.
Gem Package
Gems x 100
45 + Star Coins x 600 A nice package full with sparkling Gems. Surely, you can make good use of them.
1 Premium day 45 + Star Coins x 900 With this item you can add 1 day to your Premium time. Active Premium Time gives you multiple benefits. These will be granted as soon as the item is used from the star menu.
Magnificent Residence 46 + Magic Bean x 15000 Your settlers couldn’t ask for more luxury and space. The Magnificent Residence provides enough room and convenience for a king and his entire court.
Fairytale Castle 45 + Magic Bean x 9950 You can plant your magic beans in this Fairytale Castle where they will quickly grow into magic beanstalks.
Gold Tower 48 + Magic Beanstalk x 6300 Rumpelstiltskin has enchanted this tower so any settler can spin straw into pure gold here!
Quartermaster General 44 + Magic Bean x 20000 The Quartermaster General is an expert in logistics.
Though not made for fighting, he can transport larger armies in a shorter amount of time than most of his colleagues.
Major General 47 + Magic Beanstalk x 10000 The Major General has seen many battles and is able to command armies of overwhelming size without sacrificing travel speed.
Epic Woodyard 48 + Magic Bean x 5000 Both undisputable evidence of your prowess and a greatly improved production building, this truly magnificent structure is every player’s desire.
Granite Package
Granite x 100
45 + Star Coins x 1200 You are in desperate need of granite to upgrade buildings? No problem! Here is an attractive granite package to fill your gaps.
Saltpeter Package
Saltpeter x 100
45 + Star Coins x 600 A package holding a good amount of saltpeter. But handle it with caution as there are chemical fluids inside!
Titan Ore Package
Titanium Ore x 100
45 + Star Coins x 600 You must recruit new units but you also have to produce new weapons? This package holds enough titan ore to produce some new weapons.
Exotic Wood Package
Exotic Wood x 100
45 + Star Coins x 600 You are in need of additional exotic wood? This is your chance! Get some precious exotic wood just today!
Mercenary Soldiers 45 + Star Coins x 1000 You do not have enough left units to complete the adventure in time? You want to have some units on stock for an emergency case but you have no free settlers left? These stalwart soldiers would love to enter your service. Against a certain payment, of course!
Rain of Arrows 45 + Star Coins x 120 Fire a volley of arrows at the enemy camp before attacking it. A number of random units in the camp will be defeated and removed.
Assassin 45 + Star Coins x 180 Hire this assassin to remove a randomly chosen unit type from the camp completely.
Big Catapult 45 + Star Coins x 500 You are close to the enemy boss but one camp is still standing in your way? Your units are defeated and your time is running out? The camp is too heavy for a Small Catapult? Try out the Big Catapult. With this improved version, even medium camps are no problem.
Small Catapult 45 + Star Coins x 300 You are close to the enemy boss but one camp is still standing in your way? Your units are defeated and your time is running out? Buy yourself a Small Catapult and simply destroy the camp holding you from winning the adventure.
The Valiant Little Tailor 45 + Star Coins x 1000 Your old friend the little tailor is in a bad way. The king has sent him on a very dangerous task where he can’t succeed alone.
Maybe you can help him out?
The clever little Tailor 45 + Star Coins x 1500 Your friend, the little tailor once again needs your help.

The king you defeated regrets his sins and pledges to approve a marriage between his daughter and the tailor.

But a rival tailor claimed that he did all the hard work and therefore acquired the right for the princess’ hand.

To prove his competitor wrong, the princess gave the little tailor a difficult task…

The Heroic Little Tailor 45 + Star Coins x 1500 You received a messenger pigeon from your old friend, the little tailor.

He got divorced from the princess, because he realized that she can’t be the right one if she demands from him that he risks his life for no reason.

So he decided to take a journey to learn the wonders of this world.

But unfortunately he wandered too deep into a dark forest and is now stranded in a hermit’s hut.
The forest around him is too dangerous to leave the hut alone, so he needs your help to get back home.

The Sons of the Little Tailor 45 + Star Coins x 1500 You received a letter from your friend, the little tailor.
He told you that he has three sons and that he made a big mistake.
He now wants to make up for this, but needs your help to do so.
The Betrayed Little Tailor 45 + Star Coins x 1500 Though the little tailor reconciled with his sons, new problems have arisen.
A greedy inn-keeper stole the magical items his sons received from their masters.
He once again needs your help to get them back.
Magic Bean Soup 48 + Magic Bean x 19 Magic Beans may have amazing properties, but they are still “beans”! When boiled, they turn into a liquid whose energizing properties extend beyond living beings and into inanimate objects. Using it on a huge building full of machinery, like the Epic Workyard, seems the smart thing to do.