Christmas Event

Available Level Cost Detail tab
Small Present Package
Presents x 30
1 + Gems x 90 A package including some presents. The perfect thing to bring joy to your beloved ones at Christmas.
Christmas Surprise Package 16 + Gems x 350 A nice small Christmas surprise package that contains one of a range of various buildings, including valuable ones like improved silos or the frozen manor.
Large Present Package
Presents x 100
1 + Gems x 300 A huge package filled with presents. Could you imagine anything better?
"Improved" Christmas Surprise 22 + Gems x 1399 Adults need their toys too! This mechanical box includes one or two state-of-the art improved buildings. Who says science has no place in the festivities?
Save the Christmas Feast 26 + Gems x 95 As you adjourn to your chamber for the evening, you find a letter lying on your bed with no indication who it’s from. Excited, you open it and read through the hastily written lines. It turns out the letter was written by Santa Claus himself! He explains that a grouch named “Croaker” has stolen all the presents and barricaded himself, together with some other bandits, on an island! It’s up to you to get the presents back, and save the Christmas feast!
The Stolen Sleigh 36 + Gems x 95 The Croaker returned and stole Santa’s beloved Sleigh.
Help Santa to retrieve it and teach the Croaker a lesson.
General Mary Christmas 13 + Presents x 995 Mary, Santa’s wife, has grown bored of sitting around at the North Pole all year. She promises to bake you some cookies if you let her beat up some bad guys.
Quartermaster Claus 13 + Presents x 695 It’s Santa himself! It may not be in his nature to fight, but he can transport your army around the world in the blink of an eye. He is known to make people wait between his random acts of kindness, though.
Arctic Iron Mine 18 + Presents x 295 Architects from the far north have brought you this plan for a brand new mine. It’s as effective as a normal level five iron mine, but with a chic arctic look. However, it collapses when the deposit is empty. So watch out!
Improved Watermill 13 + Presents x 595 Whether by witchcraft or science, the engineer behind the watermill has managed to enhance his already impressive invention.
It still generates water from nothing, but it does so a lot more efficiently than the original.
Deerstalker Hut 16 + Presents x 495 The home of an elite hunter who doesn’t need a specific spot to hunt, but travels all around the island for game. He’s known for his exceptional stealth and agility… some even say he used to be one of the royal archers before abandoning Capital Island to live a life of solitude, governed by his own rules and habits.
Recycling Manufactory 16 + Presents x 295 This new building is really amazing. It can take leftover wood and rapidly process it into coal, essentially giving you an inexhaustible supply of coal.
Rarity Provision House 7 + Presents x 995 A provision house is a must-have for any great monarch, but this is also true for your architects’ latest invention The Rarity Provision House. Not only does it offer rare recipes for buffs, but it’s a nice looking building too.
Recipe Grilled Steak 7 + Presents x 300 Give your settlers a nice steak. This will increase their working morale.
Recipe A Trader 7 + Presents x 120 There is a tradesman from a foreign kingdom that’s rich in stone, but lacking in wood. He needs to build barrels for his trading house, and would like to exchange stone for some barrels.
Recipe Marble Mountain 7 + Presents x 180 One of your settlers has found out how to refill some of our marble deposits. He’d be willing to share this knowledge for some scarecrows and herbs…
Recipe Small Glue 7 + Presents x 90 A special glue which helps refine the production process of your book binder. With this glue, everything runs faster.
Recipe Paper Mill 7 + Presents x 180 Your settlers have acquired a special paper mill. With this, we can make higher quality paper by recycling ordinary ones.
Recipe Double Time 7 + Presents x 300 Give your weaponsmiths in the Combat Armory a boost for their production by teaching them a special song from one of our colonies. They’ll love it!
Recipe Enrollment Campaign 7 + Presents x 300 Need some more troops for your colony conquest? Start this enrollment campaign in the combat academy to increase motivation.
Recipe Aunt Irma 7 + Presents x 60 Aunt Irma has prepared her special feast, so all settlers in a workyard will have enough power for a 24 hour shift.
Recipe Stop Buff 7 + Presents x 120 Give special orders to all settlers in a building to ignore all buffs that have been applied to that building.
Recipe Kitty Lure 7 + Presents x 180 Our mice problem is getting worse every week… This leaves us with no choice but to engage in a bit of biological warfare! An expert has offered to share her knowledge on how we can attract enough cats to patrol at least a moderately-sized area.
Recipe Forest Offerings 7 + Presents x 90 In an attempt to keep ancient customs alive, the wrinkled wisewoman offers to teach a ritual to appease the local forest spirits. Even if there were no such things, it’s sure to boost the woodworkers’ morale.
Snowman 1 + Presents x 40 Some of your settlers’ children are very talented at building snowmen. If you want a snowman in your city, you can give the children some presents and they will build one for you.
Christmas Tree (small) 1 + Presents x 40 A smaller species of tree, more adequate for domestic purposes. Still too large to fit in the living rooms of your residences. Best placed in the front yard.
Christmas Tree 1 + Presents x 60 At Christmas, a Christmas tree is mandatory. This one here has not only a noble appearance, but also gets delivered with a full collection of decorative lights.
Krampus 10 + Presents x 40 Oh dear… It seems there were a lot of naughty children this year… St. Nicholas takes these things very seriously, and his companion, Krampus, has taken it upon himself to optimize coal production, to meet the season’s demand for punishment gifts.
The Fermentation Accelerator 1 + Presents x 60 One of your settlers, calling himself a deviser, has developed a machine which can heat liquids swiftly and accelerate the process of fermentation. Unfortunately, he has not been able to test it, yet. Perhaps you could give it a try?
Cookies 1 + Presents x 80 These very sweet cookies are made with a lot of sugar. If your workers eat some of them, they will have bags of energy and work much more effectively.
Christmas Feast 1 + Presents x 50 This Christmas feast can be served very quickly in your Mayor’s house and includes a lot of different dishes. You will see that many settlers will visit your city when they hear about the feast.
Hot Lemon Tea 1 + Presents x 60 Tea revives the mind! Give this to your pupils and they will be fit for the hard life of a settler in no time.
A Thousand Snowflakes 1 + Presents x 50 Opening this magical little bag from Santa Claus will summon a snowstorm that will cover your island with a blanket of snow!
Winter Paint 1 + Presents x 25 I bought these buckets from a fellow named Jack. Take a close look – this is no ordinary paint. It’s genuine frost! You could use it to make the whole island look like a mild winter’s morning.
Reindeer Bait 1 + Presents x 40 Baskets full of reindeer food. With this many, we can easily populate the island with reindeers for a week.
Grout x 200
1 + Presents x 200 Grout is our masons’ latest invention. It helps make our buildings’ structure more solid, and allows us to upgrade them to higher levels.