Guild Market

Available Level Cost Detail tab
Recycling Manufactory 1 + Guild Coins x 2995 This new building is really amazing. It can take leftover wood and rapidly process it into coal, essentially giving you an inexhaustible supply of coal.
Artesian Well Deed 13 + Guild Coins x 285 This ornate water basin is an useful and gorgeous enrichment for every town. Gallons of the freshest water can be gained from this beautiful monument.
Enhanced Gold Pickaxe
Deposit: Gold Ore + 5000
23 + Guild Coins x 2250 With this pickaxe your settlers can mine gold ore more effectively than ever. Simply use it on the mine and be amazed how much gold ore one mine can have.
Cookies 1 + Guild Coins x 695 These very sweet cookies are made with a lot of sugar. If your workers eat some of them, they will have bags of energy and work much more effectively.
Wilderwood Resin 10 + Guild Coins x 585 This resin seems a bit gooey but don’t let it fool you! It’s every bit as effective as it is gooey!
Chant of Focus 48 + Guild Coins x 295 Studying the cultists’ wicked rituals has yielded some unexpected benefits. This carefully studied chant has proven to increase your epic worker’s focus threefold.
The Lost Skull 26 + Guild Coins x 675 A letter from King Damien arrived this morning. We are to travel to Skull Island and stop a bunch of young pirates finding a long lost treasure! I’ll tell you more about it all when we arrive! Off we go to Skull Island!
Roaring Bull 42 + Guild Coins x 1125 The rider clans of the great veld have requested your assistance. Apparently, an evil shaman called “Roaring Bull” has claimed regency over the entire area. He and his fellow shamans command dark magic and fierce warriors. Nobody can stand against them. You will have to send your finest men in order to defeat them.
The Nords 36 + Guild Coins x 1990 You have received a threatening letter containing the demands of a bunch of wild men that landed on the shore not long ago. Apparently, they are part of some kind of wild Nordic tribe that intends to go pillaging and plundering their way through the area. For the sake of your people’s safety you should challenge this tribe. Drive them away and restore peace and order to your kingdom.