Rider clans

Experience Points Damage Hitpoints Accuracy% Skills + Initiative
The days of these experienced, but simply too frail, warriors are numbered. They are sent into battle on foot, because it would be a pity to lose a horse.
2 10 – 20 30 60%
Lance RiderLance Rider
With his chain mail cap, a long lance and a noble warhorse, the mere sight of him intimidates the enemy.
4 5 – 20 20 90% Flanking – Flanking
First strike – First strike
Riding BowmanRiding Bowman
No other people has ever managed to combine the advantages of bowmen and mounted units with such impressive perfection. The warrior’s faces beam with the pride of this accomplishment.
6 30 – 40 20 90% Flanking – Flanking
First strike – First strike
Riding Amazonian GuardRiding Amazonian Guard
The women of the horsemen tribe are in perfect symbiosis with their horses. Atypically, they are even more brawny – and thereby dangerous – than the men of the tribe.
8 40 – 60 20 90% Flanking – Flanking
First strike – First strike
Tremendous lance and heavy body armor. However this killing machine has made it onto his warhorse; you will not bring him down so fast again.
12 90 – 90 20 100% Flanking – Flanking
First strike – First strike
Uproarious BullUproarious Bull
The bull-mask on his face says it all tough like a bull, he wreaks havoc wherever he strikes.
50 120 – 120 2000 100% First strike – First strike
Composite BowmanComposite Bowman
Short, swift and surprisingly unerring with a bow. However, these young scallywags are still too inexperienced to effectively use them on horseback.
2 20 – 40 20 80% Last strike – Last strike